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Review: A Christmas Carol Memory at Creative Cauldron

Two Children And An Older Dude
Libby Brooke, David Schmidt, and James Durham in A Christmas Carol Memory at Creative Cauldron (Photo Gary Mester)

Creative Cauldron’s A Christmas Carol Memory is a world premiere adaptation of Charles Dickens’s classic story A Christmas Carol. Conceived and directed by Creative Cauldron’s artistic director Laura Connors Hull, and written by Jennifer Clements, the reason for the re-imagining was to tinker with tradition and explore the power of memories.

A Christmas Carol Memory is an interesting concept. Weaving the storyline of a modern family’s Christmas celebrations in with Dickens’ familiar story gives the audience a chance to re-examine the themes of the play, passion, forgiveness, and redemption. It also could give the production a chance to shirk some of its overdone elements (Americans, seriously – theatre is all about suspending disbelief. If Lion King can have human actors speaking English in it, you can set a play in England without having to adopt offensively bad English accents), but ultimately it doesn’t.

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