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& Production

Theatre was my first job, so it has influenced literally every other aspect of my career. Nowadays, I'm primarily interested in immersive, interactive theatre experiences and developing new, original works. 

Past theatre experiences include:

See detailed UX portfolio



My freelance writing career started off in 2016 when I wrote quick & fluffy science articles for EarthTouch, and deep, complex explainers for HowStuffWorks.

Since then, I have covered:


  • DIY 

  • Mental health

  • Science news

  • Food and beverage

  • Arts and culture

  • Theatre reviews

  • And more!



Need programming for a science festival? Want to bring new potential members to your museum? Need a way to blow off steam at your science conference? Looking to advertise your company to a young, curious crowd?

Types of branded events I've produced:

  • Comedy shows

  • Variety (comedy + other art forms) shows

  • Storytelling shows

  • Lecture series

  • Educational wine tastings

  • And more!



I'm a helpful person. I love solving problems, streamlining processes, and being the person in the room who gets to help someone have that big "Aha!" moment. As a result, I've gotten to work on a lot of different projects in a lot of different roles.


My consulting experiences have included:

  • Editing books/proposals/grants/environmental impact statements/etc.

  • Planning social media campaigns

  • Crafting spreadsheets that help teams communicate internally

  • Adding jokes or narrative to keynote speeches

  • And more!

I've even done weirder stuff, like creating an educational choose-your-own-adventure game, writing the script for a digital puppet show, and producing science-adjacent game shows.

I also teach communication! You know what they say. Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to talk to fish, and he— Wait. I think I got that wrong. 

I've led communication workshops for students at George Mason University, employees at companies like Discovery, MIT, Georgia Aquarium, and more. I'm also a recurring guest lecturer at Georgetown University. 

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