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Who is Rae?

Writer, comedian, communicator, & professional nerd.

I know, I know. That's a lot of job titles. That's not even the full list. Instead of following one career path, Rae has chosen to collect them like some sort of vocational dragon.

They've spent time as a professional actor, a chatbot specialist and a satirical didgeridoo player. They have withstood painful injuries from evil, felted co-workers*, and have received praise for their work as a professional sonnet master.

 *They whacked their head on the Emmett Otter exhibit while working as the house manager at a puppetry theatre.

That's one heck of a toolbox that they bring along with me when solving problems. 

I want to lend you those tools to help you solve your problems. 


I combine the best practices of the performing arts, comedy writing, theatre, UX design, and journalism to find creative, effective, and engaging ways of connecting with an audience.

In my time studying the eighty-seven different things I do, I've had to endure endless boring lectures and poorly-designed classes. I've broken my brain trying to read dense, jargon-infested textbooks and papers.


I know what it's like to be an audience member who wants to engage with something, but someone else's poor communication is getting in my way.

That's what helps me empathize with readers, users, customers, and audience members. That's why I'm so passionate about good content and engaging experiences. 

I want to help connect you with your ideal audience. There are people out there who want to engage with you. They've been waiting for you to come along! I'll help them find you, and make sure there's nothing standing in their way once they do. And I'll help ensure that every experience they have with you from then on empowers them, excites them, and leaves them wanting more.

Ok. Solve my problems!
Let's chat!
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